Zoë Frances Weil

Zoe likes to talk in third person when talking about herself. It's just less smug. Plus you now have this imaginary "other person" who is endorsing your supposed merits. So, Zoe has extended Apache Mahout and Apache Spark Machine Learning Libraries. She has built end-to-end learning systems in Finance, Advertising, and Healthcare.

Somewhere between functional programming, designing large scale learning systems, and obsessing over Oxford shoes or the latest in distributed computing, she swims laps, and goes to live comedy shows.

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Marcin Mejran


I solve problems. Generally with computers, math and algorithms. Sometimes with words alone. Often with teams of collaborators. To that end I've built a few end-to-end big data infrastructures and machine learning systems in Advertising and Healthcare. 

My hobbies including collecting useful facts, useless facts and accumulating ever geekier hobbies.

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